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How to Be Included in Our Member's Showcase
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get your car featured in the Riview and maybe even on a cover? It's quite easy: all you need to do is to contact me, express your interest and I will send you guidelines to assist with a story and photos. I try to feature a variety of model years in each issue of the Riview, so every year is eligible.

We welcome and encourage stories about all generations and not just show-quality cars. We want to hear how the car has affected your life. Is it a new purchase after years of searching or a car that you or your family have owned for many years? The story can be focused on the maintenance, restoration, or just plain enjoyment of ownership. Many cars are being modified in many ways, not only in appearance, but with safety improvements, or enhancements to driving comfort. I believe others would be interested in hearing what changes you have made.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable writing a story. Have no fear: very few of us are. That's why I have help from others to make corrections, fix sentences, and even reorganize thoughts if necessary. I may contact you for additional information or clarification and we'll work together to make the story interesting and complete.

With the advent of digital photos, you can easily and conveniently send pictures by email that are brighter and much clearer than prints from the drugstore. The photos need to be high-resolution and can be sent to me in several ways. There are apps that permit photos to be placed within a folder, such as Dropbox. Most internet servers have a limit to the number and size of attachments each email can handle. Please check with me before sending your photos.

We hope that the photos can tell a story of their own. We want more than just front and rear quarter views. The reader may want to see detail views of the grille, lighting, interior, trunk, or engine. We look for a variety of detail shots. Photos of the restoration or repair are also encouraged.

Not only do I want to feature a variety of generations on the pages of the Riview, but on the covers as well. A great cover photo can often determine what model years are featured in the Riview. Many of the front cover photos are vertical, but that is not necessary. We also consider the placement of the car for a front cover photo. We need room at the top for the title and space at the bottom for announcements, so we can't use a photo if the placement of the car is too high or low.

The angle of the car also determines if we can get the entire car in the photo. It is helpful to look at covers of past issues to determine what angles work best. I was able to use the entire car in the first four issues in 2017 because of the angle, background and center placement in the photo. The cover on the last issue was unique, showing just a portion of the grille of a '71 Riviera. We cropped all these photos to best fit the page, so please leave lots of space around your car and don't crop photos before sending them to us.

Finally, we also ask you to send a photo of the owner(s) to include in the credit box at the end of the story. Along with the photo, and with the owner's permission, we include their email. I know that on occasion the owners received comments and questions from fellow ROA members regarding their cars. The ROA is focused on people and this kind of friendly interaction is exactly what has made us successful for the past 30 plus years.

I am often asked about the deadline. As editor, I have deadlines when it comes to showcase articles. You, the showcase contributor, don't have such deadlines. But please do keep in mind that I cannot plan to use a story or cover photo until I have the entire package from you.

Email me to get the Guidelines. They're yours for the asking.

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