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"Why Don't Buicks Get More Love?"
By Bob Wannall #3069, Secretary, Board of Trustees

Ray Knott

"Buick? It's an old man's car!" Have you ever heard that when you say you drive Buicks? Add that it's a Riviera and they perk up a bit. When they see the car, more often than not there's a thumbs up and copious drooling.

Still, if you're like me, you may find yourself fending off the stigma that you're packing an old man's wheels. Detroit iron. A barge from another century.

Are the naysayers forgetting Buick's history of fast and sleek performance cars? The first generation Rivieras are considered among the most beautiful designs of the Twentieth Century. Rivieras always remained at the cutting edge of style, class, and, with few exceptions (my '82 convertible, rare, but slow), stunning performance. What of other hi-po Buicks: Gran Sports/GS, 70 GSX, Grand Nationals and GNX of the '80s and more recently, the 2015 Regal GS? Old man's cars?

Today, shows and cruise-ins and Facebook pages reveal people of all ages who are heavily into Buicks and especially Rivieras—stock, slammed, customized, modified, tweaked, and sometimes overbaked, but all loved by owners and admired by onlookers.

Old man's cars? Not hardly. Rivieras really are getting a lot of love these days, starting with the Riviera in your garage.


Spread the Word
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

Each month many Rivieras are sold by our members, and often to other members. Of course, we hope the members who are selling have a second Riviera in the garage and intend to continue with the ROA. We also receive requests from non-members to list Rivieras in our classifieds both in the Riview and on our website. We're happy to do this because it informs members of the Rivieras available. In every case, we send the seller a copy of our Membership Application/Renewal form. We ask that they print out the form and put it in the glove box of the car they are selling. This is a way to ensure that the new owner will learn about us.

But even if you are not selling your car, why not keep an extra Membership Application/ Renewal form in the glove box of both your daily driver and your Riviera? Then, if you see a Riviera for sale in your neighborhood, give a copy of our Membership Application to the seller and tell him we will be happy to list his car one time in the Riview as well as on our website at no cost. If the seller is not available, just put a copy under the wiper blade.

Another option is to carry several of our invitational brochures in your glove box to attach to cars for sale and pass out at car shows when you see a car without a ROA decal in the window. The windshield wiper is a tried and true delivery technique, especially if the car is closed. If the car is open, leave the brochure on the dash or driver's seat.

Our tri-fold invitational brochures are posted on our website under "All About the ROA." If you don't have the ability to print these two-sided brochures, they are available free from the ROA Office. With the request, ask for several of our "Share the Pride" business cards. Help us spread the word!

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