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See you in Lexington?
by Chip Aeppli #5913, President of Board of Trustees

Bob Wannall

I hope you consider attending our annual meet this June in Lexington. Don’t ever think your car is not nice enough to show—that is not the purpose of our events. Bring it and share the pride of ownership. Every car tells a story and each generation is uniquely interesting with different designs and options. Awards are given based on peer judging. Each registered adult member will receive a ballot and be able to select their favorite in different classes.

The ROA moves the annual meet across the US to locations that are convenient to many, with local attractions that are interesting. Lexington has much to offer with outstanding and affordable lodging, surrounded by many activities. I hope you will consider attending to enjoy the journey, the camaraderie, and leave with many fond memories. Even if you cannot bring your Riviera, I hope you will join us and have a good time.

As set out in our by-laws, members on the Board of Trustees are limited to two three-year terms. Based on this year’s rotation there was one seat to fill as Marty Hillman will step down. We thank Marty for his support and service as our treasurer. Since we received only one resume, an election by members will not be required. I welcome Leslie Fry from Arlington, Texas, who has been a very active member and exceeds all the qualifications listed in the by-laws. Leslie’s term will begin at the board meeting to be held in Lexington.

Social Media Manager
By Ray Knott #1, Director/Editor

Ray Knott

ROA is looking for a member who enjoys social media, specifically Facebook, and would be interested in helping us post announcements and keep ROA visible. The person should be familiar with FB and enjoy the exchange of information shared by the thousands of people who post information on their cars, ask questions and list cars and parts for sale. We would be interested in sharing cars and parts in the Riview classifieds at no cost to the seller. We consider it a benefit to our members to know what cars and parts are available.

I’ll be happy to assist by providing information, and articles to post. There are two sites that we have coupled with “Buick Riviera Owners and Enthusiasts” and “Buick Riviera Cars and Parts for Sale.” There are also many other sites that have an interest in Rivieras, covering every year and model. Interested? If so, contact me at or 303-952-0239.

DELAYED ISSUE—Unfortunately the November/December 2023 issue was delayed by a chemical spill at the USPS distribution center where the printer delivers the issues. We tried to get the word out of the delay though our Regional Coordinators, posting an announcement on our website and on Facebook. We know the delay caused many to be concerned—thinking that their membership had expired. For most of us, the issue was delayed up to four weeks, for others even longer. If this ever happens again, contact us for the passwords, which will enable you to read the issue online.

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